Capitaland Mall Trust (C38U.SGX) will give 3Q2020 Distribution income on 19/11/2020. However, the dividend of 3.1cent (SGD) per unit will be added with a clean up distribution of 0.89 cent, so the dividend is as high as 3.99 cent (SGD) per unit

The ex-date of this distribution is 19Oct2020, and the payment date is 19Nov2020.

According to my analysis in 3Q2020, I predicted that the clean up distribution was only 0.77cent (SGD) per unit, and 0.89cent (SGD) per unit was indeed much higher than my prediction, which revealed the performance of Capitamall in 4Q.

This Clean up distribution includes the undistributed Distributable income of SGD10mil (equivalent to 0.27cent(SGD) per unit) plus the income of CapitaMall from Oct 1 to Oct 20.

Therefore, the income from Oct 1 to Oct 20 is equal to 0.62 cent(RM) per unit, if 20-day DPU = 0.62, base on this I estimate the 4Q total of 92 days DPU is approximately 2.852 cent(SGD) per unit.

The DPU of 2.852cent is about the distribution before the Covid 19 pandemic, although there is still some distance from the peak of 4Q2019 DPU 3.11cent (SGD).

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