Share my first experience of investing ETF. This investment is just for experimentation. I have never invested in an ETF before, so I invested a small amount.

Transaction data

The ETF I choose – BETZ (click here for ETF detailPurchase at 8sept2020, purchase price USD19.41, purchase quantity 56unit, plus brokerage fee USD25, stamp duty USD1.2, total investment amount USD1113.16

Calculated at the exchange rate of 4.18 on the day, which is equivalent to RM4652.99

Why choose BETZ

in fact, I prefer ARKK(click here for ETF detail) but US technology stocks are currently at a record high, so I choose BETZ, which is diversify to other markets instead of US. At the same time, I am quite optimistic about the future of online gambling.

BETZ performance

The Nasdaq index fluctuates up and down, But BETZ is relatively very stable, see the picture below:

As you can see from the chart, the volatility of BETZ is small, although the Nasdaq index is falling down, but BETZ did not fall but rose to 20.90.


Based on the closing price of 17Sept, USD20.90 per unit, calculated at the current exchange rate USD to MYR 4.14 provided by Google, the total value of BETZ held on hand is RM4845.50, if it is sold now, the brokerage fee and stamp duty are about RM110, The net profit is RM82.51.

The biggest disadvantage of investing in foreign markets is that the brokerage fee is high. The brokerage fee and stamp duty in my transaction is about RM220, which has already taken most of the profits. Anyhow, since it is an experimental transaction, profit is not the primary consideration.

At the same time, the advantage of ETFs compared to individual stocks is that it has small volatility, while the disadvantage is that it has a small increase. The possibility of short-term profit is quite small.

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