BETZ Sports Betting ETF (BETZ.NYSE) was listed on 4th Jun 2020. It is an ETF focused on online gambling. Currently holding 37 stocks.

Its constituent stocks cover all businesses related to the gaming industry chain, physical casinos, sports betting, online betting, and gaming equipment suppliers. The details are as follows: Sports Book 34.6%, Technology 26.7%, Igaming 17.8%, Casino 17.9%, Lead Gen 3%

In terms of region, the five markets with the largest proportion are USA 34.5%, Malta 11.1%, Britain 13.4%, Sweden 11.3%, and Isle Of Man 8%. The distribution is fairly even.

At present, the largest holding is POINTSBET HOLDINGS LTD, which accounts for 9.57% of the investment portfolio. This is an Australian gaming company listed in 2015. It focuses on sports betting and has grown very rapidly. In 2017, the revenue was only USD0.37mil, coming to 2020, revenue grew to USD75mil. Although it is still not making any profit. The stock price has also risen 5 times.

The rapid growth of POINTSBET HOLDINGS LTD is the epitome of overall online gambling. In May 2018, certain states in the United States began to allow online gambling. In December 2018, POINTSBET opened in News jersey and then expanded rapidly in the United States. DRAFTKINGS INC is the local US representative of online gambling, and the online gambling industry is flourishing in Western countries.

Imagine that there are 13 states in the United States that allow online gambling. If all 50 states in the United States allow online gambling, the potential business opportunities are huge.

In addition to online gaming companies such as POINTSBET HOLDINGS LTD, BETZ also holds traditional casino operators, such as Penn National Gaming Inc, which operates 41 gaming-related properties in 19 states across the United States.

Technology companies that support the operation of online gambling are also included by BETZ, such as Scientific Games Corp, whose main business is to design and support gambling software.

So in conclusion, BETZ covers all the industrial chains of online and offline gambling, and it is worth to invest under the infinitely promising future. In fact, since the IPO, the stock price has risen from Jun 2020 USD15 to the current USD20, which is not bad.

But in term of dividends, most online gaming companies have not yet achieved profitability or need capital for development. Therefore, the top 10 constituent stocks generally have no dividends, so please don’t expect any dividend from BETZ in the near future.