Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ.NASDAQ) is a very well-known ETF that tracks the Nasdaq 100 Index – the top 100 companies in the index.

It is a passive tracking index ETF, so the total expenses ratio is relatively low, only 0.2%, but the average daily trading volume of QQQ is amazing, with a daily trading volume of up to 10mil.

although it holds 103 companies’ stocks, FAAMG has a high weighting, Apple 12.03%, Microsoft 11.74%, Amazon 10.47%, Facebook 4.15%, Alphabet 7.33%, totalling 45.72%

QQQ even has distribution, USD1.5819 per unit in 2019, USD1.40527 per unit in 2018, and 1.3014 in 2017. Although the dividend yield is only 0.58% p.a.

QQQ is definitely suitable for long-term regular investment. As the Nasdaq index continues to kick out weak constituents, in the long run, the index is always going up.

Looking back at its performance graph, if you invested in QQQ 10 years ago, the return today is more than 600%




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