ETF, full name “Exchange-Traded Fund”, is an investment product in between stocks and funds.

ETFs can be understood as “funds that can be traded on exchanges”, that is, you can directly purchase ETFs on the stock exchange market.

Therefore, as long as you have a CDS account, you can trade ETFs. However, ETFs listed on Bursa Securities are not favoured by investors and the trading volume is pitiful low.

Generally, I personally prefer ETFs in the United States because of the very large trading volume and a broader scope.

If you don’t have any foreign exchange CDS account, you can click this button click here for acc opening ,fill up your particulars,UOB Kay Hian’s remisier will contact you to open CDS acconunt。

UOB Kay Hian foreign exchange charges as below:

  • brokerage fee: 0.42%, or minimum SGD 20/USD 25/HKD 100
  • stamp duty: 0.1% (Maximum of RM200)

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