ARK INNOVATION ETF (ARKK.NYSE) listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019, it won the Active ETF of the year award at The Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards 2019. Since its listing in 2014, it has consistently beaten the SP500 index. The average annual return for the past 5 years is 29.11% (as per fund fact sheet 30jun2020). The ETF manager is Catherine D. Wood, known as the female Warren Buffett.

The investment concept of ARK INNOVATION ETF is to invest in companies that are disruptive innovation. In addition to defeating the SP500 index in the past, after the impact of Covid 19 in early 2020, ARKK also recorded a higher recovery than the SP500 index, with a return of 42.42% in 2020YTD. (SP500 index) -3.08%

Among the top ten holdings of the stocks currently held, there is no FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) that we are familiar with, but many fast-growing companies. Please take note that Five out of the top ten holdings are A lost making companies in the fiscal year 2019.

Currently ARKK focuses on the following industries (as of 30/6/2020):

  • Health Care 36.6%
  • Information Technology 31.7%
  • Communication Services 13.2%
  • Consumer Discretionary 10.7%
  • Industrials 4.1%
  • Financials 3.6%
  • Not Classified 0.2%

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ARKK ETF Holding

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