In the Internet boom of the past 20 years, how many value investors have missed a rare opportunity in a century.

Science and technology companies have to burn money, in the process of R&D, suffer in loss and take years to achieve profitability. In value investment perspective, it is unlikely to invest in loss-making company. 

Value investor has missed the best decade.

Another opportunity incoming – 5G mobile technology, to me it must not be ignored because many old industries will definitely be subverted.

Stop investing in yesterday’s glamour, but follow the future trend.

But as a retail investor, I certainly have no knowledge and no ability to analyze science and technology companies.

For example, I always wanted to invest in FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, google), but I don’t understand their nature of the business, I got no idea how to analyze it.

At the same time, I don’t have so much money to invest all FAANG, if I only buy one, I will face concentration risk. End up, I decided not to invest in Tech companies.

In fact, there are many ETFs on the market, both Active and Passive ETF. Active ETFs actively adjust their holdings, but charge a higher management fee. The passive ETF charges a lower management fee, but it only passively tracks the index, there are pro and cons within these 2.

In the future, I will step into the ETF sector and introduce some excellent active/passive ETFs to everyone.

Next, Vitamincash will track REITs & ETFs at the same time, and put the opportunities that cannot be missed on the table, stay tunes.